News and Other Things

2017-03-03 23:53:35 by ZuripaiSama

Greetings Paizuri University fans and potentially new random people. We come with news and other things.

After much consideration, we've decided that at the end of each month we'll be posting a public monthly progress report on our Patreon. So that followers of Paizuri University can keep updated without having to be a Patron. As well as help you find some Peach-y things we've worked on that you might have missed ; )

Visit "February Progress Dump" Post

Paizuri University Chapter 1 is also underway, and has been for the last few weeks. Determining an exact release date is still far away, but we are aiming to complete it in a couple of months (if life shit doesn't hit the fan). So far, it has been making steady progress.

If you want to find out more and see new stuff in the works feel free to become a Teaspoon ($1) Patron. Your support really will make a difference and allow us to do even more to make Paizuri University even better.

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