Entry #1

One Week of Newgrounds

2017-02-11 05:47:48 by ZuripaiSama

It's been a week since we released our first game on Newgrounds. And so far it has been great!

The feedback on here has been much more constructive and useful then other platforms we've experienced in our careers as game developers.

Our existence online is pretty new, so we don't have many connections. Bukacain and I started working together a year ago, figuring out what we were even trying to do. Starting on a much bigger game with a lot more features. We realized very quickly what we were doing wasn't going to work, at least not without figuring out a bunch of things first.

Big games either end in big disasters, or a fail to reach their potential (some don't). And it's something we've experienced in the past, and asked why does that even need to happen that way.

So instead of repeating history, we made Paizuri University. As a way to deal with a whole bunch of unknowns while still creating something that we can get out and get feedback for.

We're hoping as time goes on, we will encounter awesome people to be apart of what we're doing and hopefully create games that are different, fun and free to play!

And since I'm writing, I'm going to plug our Patreon... because why not. 


Thank you to everyone who has made us feel very welcome!


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